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Our Values
  • To honor and love God.
  • To love and serve others.
  • To be committed to maintaining a high standard for excellence, compassion, dignity, integrity and quality for our outreach programs.
  • Help people in Sierra Leone and the entire Freetown, Sierra Leone metro area.
Connect with Us!
U.S. Headquarters

Sierra Leone Relief & Development Outreach, Inc.
4231-B Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22304

Tel: 703-507-5576

Sierra Leone Home Office

Sierra Leone Relief & Development Outreach, Inc.
No. 5 New Site, Zion Area
Kola Tree - Allen Town
Freetown, Sierra Leone

Tel: 011-232-7760-5679

Education Center

Increasing Community Education Center (ICEC) Free Computer Training Center

SLRDO's ICEC (a free computer training course) has been operating since 2003. We welcome the youth of the Sierra Leonean community to use its premises as a meeting place, and allows member of the community to use the computer and internet facilities in its offices. Over 50 people in the community have been regularly using the center to find jobs, build skills and update their resumes.

See the ICEC newsletter for more details.

Health Clinic

SLRDO, Inc. has also run free clinic since 2005 in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. The Sierra Leone Community clinic serves as a health facility to provide medicine, tests, screening and aid to those who need it free of charge.

Among the ailments and conditions most frequently tested are malnutrition, typhoid, hypertension, infections and the consequences of malaria. Also, the clinic has programs for voluntary HIV-AIDS testing and counseling.

The need remains very large for quality health care in Sierra Leone communities. Because of this construction of a new hospital is underway. We need your continual support to make this project successful.

Check out these photos from the 2010 trip to the Clinic

In Sierra Leone there are so many people who need medical help. SLRDO medical team was able to help them in Spring 2010.

SLRDO Clinic 2 SLRDO Clinic 4 SLRDO Clinic 1 SLRDO Clinic 3 SLRDO Clinic 6

Sierra Leone government gave this land to SLRDO to build a future medical center. Construction is already underway. We are looking for partnership and donors to support this worthy cause.

SLRDO Clinic 5

Sierra Leone Community Clinic

SLRDO Clinic Sign

(new address)
No. 5 New Site, Zion Area
Kola Tree - Allen Town
Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa
Tel: 011-232-77-605-679

SLRDO Clinic Staff

Here is our local staff.

Other Initiatives

Follow these links to see the other good works SLRDO is involved in.

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