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Our Values
  • To honor and love God.
  • To love and serve others.
  • To be committed to maintaining a high standard for excellence, compassion, dignity, integrity and quality for our outreach programs.
  • Help people in Sierra Leone and the entire Freetown, Sierra Leone metro area.
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U.S. Headquarters

Sierra Leone Relief & Development Outreach, Inc.
4231-B Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22304

Tel: 703-507-5576

Sierra Leone Home Office

Sierra Leone Relief & Development Outreach, Inc.
No. 5 New Site, Zion Area
Kola Tree - Allen Town
Freetown, Sierra Leone

Tel: 011-232-7760-5679

Purpose and Objective

We Help Those In Need

SLRDO, Inc. will embark and undertake worldwide solicitation program to raise funds, materials of any kind, and other resources to assist the children and the disadvantaged in Sierra Leone. We solicit through public relations campaigns using newspapers, flyer, brochures, the internet and electronic media.

Sierra Leone Man

Our people-to-people outreach program includes donating basic essentials, medicines and medical supplies to poor health centers, clothes to orphans, the disadvantaged, and the hardest hit war victims via a distribution network that ensures that the supplies reach those who need them the most.

Programs will be developed to address specific needs of various communities and establish partnerships with government agencies and community leaders.

SLRDO, Inc. works together with institutions, individuals, and groups to identify programs and health concerns in order to confront environment and economic conditions that perpetuate contagious diseases among the poor.

Brief History of Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leone Map

Sierra Leone is located on the west coast of West Africa.  In 1462 Portuguese explorer Pedro da Cintra mapped the hills surrounding what is now Freetown Harbour, naming the region Serra Lyoa (translated Lion Mountains).

The green stripe represents agriculture, the country's natural wealth and its mountains.   The white stripe stands for justice and unity, and blue represents the Atlantic Ocean and the harbor of Freetown, the country's capital.

The Sierra Leone Coat of Arms

The Sierra Leone Coat of Arms were designed and adopted in 1960.   The arms show a lion beneath a zigzag border, representing the Lion Mountains (Sierra Leone in Spanish), after which the country was named.   It also shows three torches which are meant to symbolize education and progress.  At the base are wavy bars depicting the seas and ocean.   The green represents agricultural and natural resources, the blue represents the Harbor of Freetown and the white represents unity and justice.

The Geography of Sierra Leone

Area:           71,740 sq. km. or 29,925 sq. miles - Slightly smaller than South Carolina.

Capital: Freetown (Population, 786,900)

Provincial Capitals: 

Bo (Southern Province)

Kenema (Eastern Province)

Makeni (Northern Province)

Terrain:       Mangrove swamps and beaches and mostly shallow bays along the coast, wooded hills along the immediate interior, and a mountainous plateau in the interior.


The People of Sierra Leone

Nationality: Sierra Leonean

Population:  5,132,138 (July 2009 est., CIA World Factbook)

Annual Population Growth Rate:  2.179% (2009 est., CIA World Fact Book)

Ethnic Groups:

Temne                  30%

Mende                  30%

Other                  30%

Krio (Creole)        10%

Refugees from Liberia’s recent civil war; and some Europeans, Indians, Pakistanis, and Lebanese.


Muslim       60%

Christian     30%

Other     10%


English,  Krio,  Temne,  Mende, and 15 other indigenous languages

Education:  Literacy - 35.1% (2004 estimate)

The Leaders: Past and Present

Bai Bureh (Temne Worrior): 1840-1908

Sir Milton Margai: 1895-1964

Sir Albert Margai: 1910-1980

Col. Juxton Smith: 1933-1996

Siaka Probyn Stevens: 1905-1988


Maj. Gen. Joseph Saidu Momoh: 1937-2003

Capt. Melvin Strasser: 1967- Present

Johhny Paul Koroma: 1960-2003

Ahmed Tejan Kabbah: 1932-Present

Ernest Bai Koroma: 1953-Present

(Current President)


Some Currency of Sierra Leone

The Freetown Cotton Tree - A National Landmark of Sierra Leone


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